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Reprises: 1483

Membres: 1945

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Les samples de J dilla

Elec. Tech.Bullion & jay dillaCaroline nopet sounds : in the key of dee
Beach boysCaroline nopet sounds
Rap UsJ dilla featuring phat katwelcome 2 detroit
M.o.p. Ante up (robbing-hoodz theory) warriorz
Rap UsJ dillaSnappin necks in africa
Dorothy ashbyWax and wanethe rubaiyat of dorothy ashby
Rap UsJ dillaSuper n*gger
Faze-oRidin' highridin' high
Rap UsJ dillaTrack 35 (someones praying)3 beat tapes
Banco del mutuo soccorsoNothing's the samebanco
Rap UsJ dillaLove it hereanthology volume 6
Smokey robinson & the miraclesMuch better offspecial occasion
Rap UsJ dillaCatch a starbeat album
Men at workCatch a starbusiness as usual
Rap UsJ dillaYou re the onebeat cd
MarvelettesYou re the one for me bobbysophisticated soul
Rap UsJ dillaGuitar & buggin violinbeat cd '05 #1
MantronixKing of the beatsthe best of mantronix 1985-1999
Rap UsJ dillaTerminator vs. dillabeat cd '05 #2
Schoolly dP.s.k. - what does it mean?schoolly d
Rap UsJ dillaTrack 1beat tape #3
MarvelettesMy baby must be a magiciansophisticated soul
Rap UsJ dillaSomeone used this alreadybeat-tape vol. 4
VangelisStuffed auberginethe dragon
Rap UsJ dillaGazzillion ear (ft mf doom)born like this
Brenton woodsTrouble
Rap UsJ dillaTake it back (ft madlib)chrome children
PookahLady ostrich
Rap UsJ dillaTrack 36da 1st installment
Lou donaldsonOde to billie joemr. shing-a-ling
Rap UsJ dillaAirworksdonuts
L.v. johnsonI don't really carei don't really care
Rap UsJ dillaAnti-american graffitidonuts
Tin tinFamily treetin tin
Rap UsJ dillaByedonuts
Isley brothersDon't say goodnightgo all the way
Rap UsJ dillaDilla says godonuts
TrammpsRubber bandgloden classics
Rap UsJ dillaDilla says godonuts
JaylibNo gameschampion sound (reissue)
Rap UsJ dillaDon't crydonuts
EscortsI can't stand (to see you cry)3 down 4 to go
Rap UsJ dillaDonuts (intro)donuts
MotherlodeWhen i diewhen i die
Rap UsJ dillaGeek downdonuts
Rap UsJ dillaGeek downdonuts
Jimi entley soundCharlie's themeapache 7"
Rap UsJ dillaGlazeddonuts
Gene chandler & jerry butlerU just can't winthe same mistake
Rap UsJ dillaGobstopperdonuts
Luther ingramTo the other manthe other man
Rap UsJ dillaLast donut of the nightdonuts
MomentsTo you, with lovelove my mind
Rap UsJ dillaLast donut of the nightdonuts
Gene chandlerRainbow '65live at the regal
Rap UsJ dillaLight my firedonuts
AfricaLight my firemusic from "lil brown"
Rap UsJ dillaLight my firedonuts
James brownMy thanghell
Rap UsJ dillaLightworksdonuts
Raymond scottLightworksmanathan search
Rap UsJ dillaOne elevendonuts
Smokey robinsonA legend in it's own timefour in blue
Rap UsJ dillaOne elevendonuts
Run-dmcHere we go (live at the funhouse)single
Rap UsJ dillaOne for ghostdonuts
Luther ingramTo the other manthe other man
Rap UsJ dillaPeopledonuts
Eddie kendricksMy peoplepeople hold on
Rap UsJ dillaStepson of the clapperdonuts
MountainLong redmountain live
Rap UsJ dillaStopdonuts
Dionne warwickYou're gonna need mejust being myself
Rap UsJ dillaStop!donuts
JadakissWhy (feat. anthony hamilton)
Rap UsJ dillaThe diff'rencedonuts
Kool & the gangFruitmanlight of worlds
Rap UsJ dillaThe newdonuts
Detroit emeraldsWhatcha gonna wear tomorrowi'm in love with you
Rap UsJ dillaThe newdonuts
Beastie boysThe new stylelicensed to iii
Rap UsJ dillaThe newdonuts
Lyn collinsThink (about it)think (about it)
Rap UsJ dillaThe twister (huh, what)donuts
Stevie wonderFor once in my lifefor once in my life
Rap UsJ dillaThunderdonuts
Martha reevesSweet miserysweet misery
Rap UsJ dillaTime: the donut of the heartdonuts
Jackson 5All i do is think of youmoving violation
Rap UsJ dillaTwo can windonuts
SylversOnly one can winthe sylvers
Rap UsJ dillaU-lovedonuts
Jerry butlerJust because i really love youthe piladephia sessions
Rap UsJ dillaWalkinonitdonuts
Undisputed truthWalk on bylaw of the land
Rap UsJ dillaWavesdonuts
10ccJohnny don't do it
Rap UsJ dillaWorkinonitdonuts
10ccThe worst band in the worldsheet music
Rap UsJ dillaWorkinonitdonuts
Beastie boysThe new stylelicensed to ill
Rap UsJ dillaWorkinonitdonuts
Malcolm maclarenBuffalo gals
Rap UsJ dillaIn the streetsjay love japan
Ringo starrOccapellagoodnight vienna
Rap UsJ dillaLucyjay love japan
100% pure poisonWindy ccoming right at you
Rap UsJ dillaRed light (feat. j*davey)jay love japan
Hal 9000 # dialogue #
Rap UsJ dillaGlamour sho75 (09)jay stay paid
Janet jacksonCome give your love to meéponyme
Rap UsJ dillaMilk moneyjay stay paid
Run-dmcHere we go (live at the funhouse)single
Rap UsJ dillaMilk moneyjay stay paid
Kenny logginsMake the movecaddyshack ost
Rap UsJ dillaHere we go againlost tapes reels + more
Public enemyBring the noiseit takes a nation of millions to hold us back
Rap UsJ dillaDiarypay jay
Isaac hayesMan's temptationblack moses
Rap UsJ dillaCrushin (yeeeah!)ruff draft
MomentsSho'nuff boogiethose sexy moments
Rap UsJ dillaCrushin' (yeeeeaah)ruff draft
Cannonball adderleySoul virgo
Rap UsJ dillaCrushin’ (yeeeeaah!)ruff draft
SylviaSweet stuff
Rap UsJ dillaMake'em nv ruff draft
M.o.p.Ante up (robbing-hoodz theory)warriorz
Rap UsJ dillaNothing like thisruff draft
KansasThe pinacle
Rap UsJ dillaReckless drivingruff draft
HolliesRubber lucyhollies
Rap UsJ dillaShoutsruff draft
El regoFeeling you gotel rego
Rap UsJ dillaTake notice (ft guilty simpson)ruff draft
Peter baumannPhase by phaseromance 76
Rap UsJ dillaTake notice (ft guilty simpson)ruff draft
David bowieSoul lovethe rise and fall of ziggy
Rap UsJ dillaBody movin'the shining
Run-dmcHere we go (live at the funhouse)single
Rap UsJ dillaBody movin'the shining
Public enemyB side wins againfear of a black planet
Rap UsJ dillaE=mc2the shining
ManzelMidnight thememidnight theme
Rap UsJ dillaLove (feat. pharaohe monch)the shining
ImpressionsWe must be in lovechanging impressions
Rap UsJ dillaLove jonesthe shining
PlaceboHumpty dumptyball of eyes
Rap UsJ dillaGive it upwelcome 2 detroit
Joe texPapa was toolive and lively
Rap UsJ dillaOnewelcome 2 detroit
Ohio playersPainpain
Rap UsJ dillaOnewelcome 2 detroit
Ohio playersPainpain
Rap UsJ dillaThink twice (feat. dwele)welcome 2 detroit
Donald byrdThink twicestepping into tomorrow
Rap UsJ dillaWelcome 2 detroitwelcome 2 detroit
Les mogolsSunset in golden horndanses et rhythmes de la turquie
Rap UsOh no feat. j dilla & roc'cMovethe disrupt
Mike hankinsonToccata & fugue in d minor.the unusual classical synthesizer

Les artistes qui ont samplé J dilla

Rap UsRaekwonAson jones
J dillaBelive in god
Rap UsGhostface killahBeauty jacksonfishscale
J dillaHidonuts
Rap UsBusta rhymes Best that ever did itdillagence
J dillaLast donut of the nightdonuts
Rap UsThe rootsCan't stop thisgame theory
J dillaTime: the donut of the heartdonuts
Rap UsK-dotDreamstraining day
J dillaBelieve in godjay love japan
Rap UsKid cudiCudi geta kid named cudi
J dillaWildruff draft

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