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Les samples de X-men ghetto diplomats

x-men  ghetto diplomats
Rap FrArsenik et le ghetto superstar Guettosuperstar
John williamsDroid invasion and the appearance of da
Rap Interna.Belgrade ghettoDon
Paul mauriatParle plus bas
Rap Interna.Belgrade ghettoIn da hood
Melvin blissSynthetic substitution
Rap Interna.Belgrade ghettoIn da hood
James brownI got you (i feel good)
Rap UsDiplomatsBuilt this city
Jefferson starshipWe built this city
Rap UsDiplomatsDipset anthem
SanchezOne in a million
Rap UsDiplomatsDj enuff freestyle
O.v. wrightMirror of my soul
Rap UsDiplomatsGround zero
WingerHeaded for a heartbreak
Rap UsDiplomatsI really mean it
Major harrisI got over love
Rap UsDiplomatsI'm ready
Barbara masonYes i'm ready
Rap UsDiplomatsLet's go
Marvin gayeLet's get it on
Rap UsDiplomatsPurple haze
Dorothy mooreTo blind to see
Rap UsDiplomatsReal niggas
O'jaysWe cried together
Rap UsDiplomatsReal niggaz
AzMo' money, mo' murders
Rap UsDiplomatsWhat's really good
Nile rodgersKing's motorcade
Rap UsDiplomatsWho i am
O'jaysWho am i
Rap UsDiplomatsBigger picture
Spooky toothPyramids
Rap UsDiplomatsI wanna be your lady
Ghost town dj'sMy boo
Rap UsDiplomatsMelalin
Rap UsDiplomatsSomebody gotta die tonight
Grover washington jrMasterpiece
Rap UsDiplomatsYa'll can't live his life
Millie jacksonI will live my life for you
Rap UsDiplomatsDipset symphony
Otis reddingHard to handle
Rap UsDiplomatsGet down
Ennio morriconeLe marginal
Rap UsDiplomatsIf only you believe
Jefferson starshipMiracles
Rap UsDiplomatsNo days off
Millie jacksonIf loving you is wrong (i don't want to be right)
Rap UsDiplomatsSantana's town part ii
Electric light orchestraDreaming of 4000
Rap UsFunkmaster flex and the ghetto celebsLive at the palladium, august 5, 1994
James brownFunky president
RnB, SoulGhetto blaster ltdNovember rain
Guns n' rosesNovember rain
Rap UsGhetto boysMind of a lunatic
Jb'sGivin' up food for funk
Rap UsGhetto childrenWho's listening
Ralph townerPiscean dance
Rap UsGhetto chilldrenWho's listening
Jaco pastoriusPortrait of tracy
Rap UsGhetto conceptE-z on the motion
John klemmerWaterfall i
Rap UsGhetto conceptStill too much
Led zeppelinAll my love
Rap UsGhetto conceptToo much
Led zeppelinAll my love
Rap FrGhetto diplomatsFamille haussmann
Alan parkerOlympic action
Rap FrGhetto fabulous gangRegrets
Ann peeblesTrouble, heartaches and sadness
Rap FrGhetto peopleGhetto people
Joaquin rodrigoAdagio
Rap UsGhetto politixTell ya friends to leave
Teddy pendergrassLove t.k.o.
Rap UsGhetto politixJust mob
Patrice rushenGivin' it up is givin' up
Rap FrGhetto prodigeTagger
Donny hathawayI believe to my soul
Rap FrGhetto prodigeLe langage de la rue
Big daddy kaneJust rhymin' with biz
Rap FrGhetto prodigeCity girls
D&d all-stars1, 2 pass it
Rap FrGhetto prodigeCity girls
WhodiniFive minutes of funk
Rap FrGhetto prodigeInterlude
Big daddy kaneJust rhymin' with biz
Rap FrGhetto prodigeLe deuxième monde
Group homeLivin' proof
Rap FrGhetto prodigeLe deuxième monde
Mobb deepSurvival of the fittest
Rap FrGhetto rougeJ'ai plus de reves
MobyMatrix theme
Rap UsGhetto style Ghetto bass
Kraftwerk Tour de france
Rap UsGhetto styleGhetto bass
SlimIt's in the mix
Rap UsSmiley the ghetto child Busted
Neoton família Eszterlánc
Rap UsSmiley the ghetto childBodychalk
SheilaBang bang
Rap UsSmiley the ghetto childMonster
Wolfgang amadeus mozart Rex tremendae (majestatis)
Rap UsSmiley the ghetto childI'm legend
Krs-oneMc's act like they don't know
Rap UsSmiley the ghetto childI'm legend
AzWhat's the deal
Rap UsSmiley the ghetto childI'm legend
Afu-raMortal kombat
Rap UsSmiley the ghetto childI'm legend
Rza feat. monkTry ya ya ya
Rap UsSmiley the ghetto childI'm legend
ClipseGrindin' remix
Rap UsSmiley the ghetto childI'm legend
Bob jamesDream journey
Rap UsSmiley the ghetto childThe wake up call
Johnny pearson Mini magic
Rap FrX-men & ghetto diplomatsResserrer les rangs
Sound studio orchestraSouthbound

Les artistes qui ont samplé X-men ghetto diplomats

Rap UsAction bronson & alchemistModern day revelations (ft. roc marciano)
DiplomatsI've got the kind of love
Rap UsRatkingRemove ya
DiplomatsDipset anthem
Rap UsLex luthorzCancion dragon
DiplomatsI've got the kind of love
Rap UsBronze nazarethThe road
DiplomatsThere's still a tomorrow
Rap Us100db's and ryan o'neill She got a body
Ghetto reality James brown
Rap FrL'skadrilleGhetto 16
The diplomatsDipset anthem

Sample Bande originale Dialogue de film Phase scratchée Bruitage Reprise

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