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Les samples de Too $hort

too $hort
Rap UsSnoop dogg ft too $hort & nef the pharaohToss it up
MohawksThe champ
Rap UsToo $hortIt don't stop
L cranePack it up
Rap UsToo $hortSix figure niggers
George mccraeI get lifted
Pop VarietToo $hortThe ghetto
Bob jamesThe ghetto
Rap UsToo $hortAin't no bitches
Four topsAin't no woman (like the one i got)
Rap UsToo $hortGiving up the funk
Brides of funkensteinDisco to go
Rap UsToo $hortPaystyle
Black sabbathBehind the wall of sleep
Rap UsToo $hortSample the funk
Ohio playersFunky worm
Rap UsToo $hortAll my bitches are gone
Wilson pickettShameless
Rap UsToo $hortThe dangerous crew
FunkadelicFreak of the week
Rap UsToo $hortBad ways
Rap UsToo $hortGettin' it
Bootsy's rubber bandI'd rather be with you
Rap UsToo $hortIn the trunk (dj premier remix)
James brownFunky president
Rap UsToo $hortSo you want to be a gangster
Grover washington jrBlack frost
Rap UsToo $hortLife is...too $hort
Average white bandSchoolboy crush
Rap UsToo $hortIt's your life
ParliamentDr. funkenstein
Rap UsToo $hortHoes
Melvin blissSynthetic substitution
Rap UsToo $hortHoes
FunkadelicTake your dead a-s home
Rap UsToo $hortI want to be free
AfriqueHouse of the rising funk
Rap UsToo $hortIn the trunk
CameoFunk funk
Rap UsToo $hortIn the trunk
Barry whiteI'm gonna love you just a little more, babe
Rap UsToo $hortIn the trunk
Too $hortLife is...too $hort
Rap UsToo $hortIntro: shorty the pimp
Don julianShorty the pimp (theme)
Rap UsToo $hortNo love from oakland
ParliamentNight of the thumpasorus peoples
Rap UsToo $hortStep daddy
ParliamentAgony of defeet

Les artistes qui ont samplé Too $hort

Rap UsUgkLike a pimp
Too $hortIn the trunk
Rap UsSouls of mischiefLet'em know
Too $hortDope fiend beat
Rap UsToo $hortIn the trunk
Too $hortLife is...too $hort
Rap UsDj shadowFunky skunk
Too $hortBurn rubber
Rap UsE-40Rat heads
Too $hortShort dog's in the house
Rap UsLil ginDemons in my soul
Too $hortNo love from oakland

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