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'forget about the ghetto and rap for the pop charts !'

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Rap UsCompton's most wantedAll for the money
Tyrone davisIn the mood
Rap UsDa bratChi town
Tyrone davisReally gonna miss you
Rap UsM-dotGotta be
Tyrone davisA woman needs to be loved
RnB, SoulTyrone davisSlip away
Clarence carterSlip away
Elec. Tech.Rjd2Find you out
Tyrone davisA woman needs to be loved
Rap FrPositive black soulAtaya
Ray bryantUp above the rock
Rap FrPositive black soulWow
Akira ifukubeGodzilla main title
Rap UsAction bronsonLarry csonka
Anglo-saxon brownCall on me
Rap UsAction bronsonBody language
L.t.d.Love to the world prayer
Rap UsDel! the funky homosapienThank youse
JuiceCatch a groove
Rap UsTim dogGoin' wild in the penile
Average white bandPerson to person
Elec. Tech.Bomb the bassMegablast
Dj grand wizard theodoreFantastic freaks at the dixie
Elec. Tech.Bomb the bassMegablast
Run-dmcHere we go (live at the funhouse)
Rap UsSwollen membersFire
Mary jane girlsAll night long
Rap UsAction bronsonDabble in truffles
Oliver nelsonSkull session
Rap UsIce cubeRollin' wit the lench mob
Kid dynamiteUphill peace of mind
Rap UsCurren$y & alchemistBlood, sweat & gears
Lyn collinsThink (about it)
Jazz, BluesCharlie parker and miles davisA night in tunisa
Dizzy gillespieA night in tunisa
Pop VarietIrene dunnePlaisir d'amour
Jean-pierre claris de florian et jean paul Égide mPlaisir d'amour
Pop VarietBeach boysMisirlou
Michalis patrinosMisirlou
Rap UsKamYa'll don't hear me dough
George clintonAtomic dog
Rap UsDoug e. freshI-ight (alright)
George clintonAtomic dog
Rap UsKamPeace treaty
George clintonAtomic dog
ReggaeShaggyBow wow wow
George clintonAtomic dog
Rap UsFunkdoobiestBow wow wow
George clintonAtomic dog
Rap UsAtt willHoe hopper
George clintonAtomic dog
Rap UsK-nockBusted lemonhead mix
ZappMore bounce to the ounce
Elec. Tech.Mathieu bouthier & muttonheadsNeed u 2008
Donna summerNow i need you
Pop VarietLos machucambosLa bamba
Ritchie valensLa bamba
Rap UsThe solutionRegardless
Yutaka yokokuraBreath of night
Rap UsDefariWhere i'm at
MomentsI feel so good again
Rap UsLikwit junkiesIntro
MiraclesCity of angels
Rap UsDefariPuro
Gloria scottI think of you
Rap UsDtfBack in the days
BanbarraShack up
Rap UsTruck turnerBreaker one
Caesar frazierJust a little bit longer
Rap UsJedi mind tricksPariah demise (interlude)
Raul marreroAmor por ti
Rap UsLyrical black jackLook out for a brother
Johnny hammondShifting gears
Rap UsLyrical black jackLook out for a brother
CommodoresAssembly line
Rap UsBig shugProtection
Carolyn franklinI don't want to lose you
Rap UsN2deepFrom tha town

Sample Bande originale Dialogue de film Phase scratchée Bruitage Reprise

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