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'forget about the ghetto and rap for the pop charts !'

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Rap UsThe rangersI'm hot
Syl johnsonDifferent strokes
Rap UsThe rangersI'm hot
James brownThe payback
Rap UsToo freshHittin' harder
James brownThe payback
Rap UsRappinstineScream
James brownThe payback
Rap UsCyhi the prynceSunday morning
Rap UsDibiaseAtomic slop
George clintonAtomic dog
Rap FrSharkVoilà pour toi
Lyn collinsThink (about it)
Pop VarietVan morrisonI can't stop loving you
Don gibsonI can't stop loving you
RnB, SoulRay charlesI can't stop loving you
Don gibsonI can't stop loving you
Rap UsRodney o & joe cooleyDj's and mc's
ParliamentGive up the funk (tear the roof off the sucker)
Rap UsWreckx-n-effectNew jack swing
Jungle brothersJimbrowski
Rap UsWreckx-n-effectNew jack swing
James brownFunky president
Rap UsWreckx-n-effectNew jack swing
James brownSoul power
Rap UsWreckx-n-effectNew jack swing
ParliamentGive up the funk (tear the roof off the sucker)
Rap UsM.v.p.The kings men are out to get yah
ParliamentGive up the funk (tear the roof off the sucker)
Rap UsThe anonymousWhen we were kings
Honey drippersImpeach the president
Rap UsAkrobatikKindred
Creative sourceWild flower
Rap UsAkrobatikBe prepared
Thelma houston & jerry butlerWe owe it to ourselves
RnB, SoulRay charlesTogether again
Buck owensTogether again
Pop VarietWaylon jenningsWalkin'
Willie nelsonWalkin'
Pop VarietEddy arnoldHere comes the rain, baby
Mickey newburyHere comes the rain, baby
RnB, SoulSolomon burkeTime is a thief
Mickey newburyTime is a thief
Rap UsRo spitAll alone
Jean knightWhy i keep living these memories
Rap UsJay-zA star is born
Ike & tina turnerCussin, cryin' and carryin' on
Rap UsSmif-n-wessunMonumental
Millie jacksonI'll live my love for you
Rap UsBorn undadogzBack then
Das efxReal hip hop
Rap UsBorn undadogzBack then
Notorious b.i.g.Juicy
Rap UsBorn undadogzBack then
Leon wareRockin' you eternally
Pop VarietElvis presleyAn american trilogy
Mickey newburyAn american trilogy
Rap UsTragedy khadafiI don't wanna live no more
AsiaThe heat goes on
Rap UsCyrus malachi feat wisemenMaster builders
Charles bradleyThe world (is going up in flames)
Rap UsEndemicCan't stand to wake up (motown grown)
James gandolfini (virgil) # dialogue #
Rap UsPlanet asia & goldchain militaryOrganic food
Dionne warwickOne less bell to answer
Elec. Tech.La fine équipeOutro
Raimu # dialogue #
Elec. Tech.La fine équipeBaguette
Chet bakerWhen your lover has gone
Elec. Tech.La fine équipeCharlotte au chocolat
TemptationsAin't too proud to beg
Elec. Tech.La fine équipeBrioche
M.o.p.Ante up
Elec. Tech.La fine équipePetit pain
Otis reddingOle man trouble
Elec. Tech.La fine équipeTarte au citron
Aretha franklinI never loved a man (the way i love you)
Elec. Tech.La fine équipeSablé
TemptationsMy girl

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