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'forget about the ghetto and rap for the pop charts !'

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Rap UsVerbal kentJustice code
Nina simoneBrown baby
Rap UsFat joe13 get on up
Lonnie smithSpinning wheel
Rap UsTalib kweliGutter rainbows
5th dimensionNo love in the room
Rap UsDom kennedyShowtime
Willie hutchStormy weather
Rap UsSweet sableLet me get to know you
Lou donaldsonOde to billie joe
RnB, SoulLittle miltonThat's how strong my love is
O. v. wrightThat's how strong my love is
Rap UsHassaan mackey & apollo brownWeak won't do
Little miltonThat's how strong my love is
Rap UsVerbal kentCry
Bob azzamRain, rain, go away
Rap UsMolemenPut your quarter up
Amazing rhythm acesA jackass gets his oats
Rap UsTwo weary travelersDa funky hobo's got u on da run
Honey drippersImpeach the president
Rap UsEstelle ft. rick rossBreak my heart
MontanaWarp factor 2
Elec. Tech.Girl next doorSalsoul nugget (if u wanna)
Loleatta hollowayHit and run
Rap UsPaperclip peopleThrow
Loleatta hollowayHit and run
Elec. Tech.Tommy vicari jr.Look in your eyes
Loleatta hollowayDreaming
Elec. Tech.Vinylgroover feat. dj unknownIce cold
Loleatta hollowayDreaming
Elec. Tech.Yosh presents lovedeejay akemiIt's whats upfront that counts
Loleatta hollowayDreaming
Rap Us2 damnAin't it funky
James brownFunky drummer
Rap Us2 damnJealousy
Led zeppelinWhen the levee breaks
Rap Us2 damnJealousy
Lyn collinsThink (about it)
Rap UsDa great deity dahMiddle passage
Honey drippersImpeach the president
Rap UsBliss n esoPeople up on it
Living legendsDamn it feels good
Rap UsBliss n esoSpilt soul
NasOne mic
Rap UsBliss n esoTunnel of love
J-liveBraggin' writes
Rap UsBliss n esoCoppin' it sweet
Trillion trillion and dark towerPen on paper
Rap UsBliss n esoCoppin' it sweet
OutkastElevators (me and you)
RnB, SoulAl wilsonI stand accused
Jerry butlerI stand accused
RnB, SoulLoleatta hollowayCan i change my mind
Tyrone davisCan i change my mind
Rap UsSadat xThe melody
Cal tjaderReza
Rap Fr1995Reflexxxion
Pop VarietKenny rogers and the first editionShe even woke me up to say goodbye
Mickey newburyShe even woke me up to say goodbye
Rap UsDa lench mobBuck tha devil
Grover washington jrFeels so good
Rap UsApollo brownBaghdad sun
Lee erwinThief of bagdad
Rap UsApollo brownImagination
Willie hutchMack's stroll / the getaway (chase scene)
Rap UsApollo brownJust walk
Gil scott-heron & brian jacksonRivers of my fathers
Rap UsCount bass dShould there be some reign
Andraé crouchI'll be thinking of you
Rap UsMf grimmWords
Andraé crouchI'll be thinking of you
Rap UsGel rocAutodidactic
Gladys knight & the pipsWho is she and what is she to you
Rap UsMsi & asylumNo known kure
Sly & the family stoneSing a simple song
Rap UsBrothers of the mindRough & tough
Honey drippersImpeach the president
Rap FrBrascoLe rap ma destinée
Mobb deepShook ones part. 2

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