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'forget about the ghetto and rap for the pop charts !'

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Rap UsOuterspaceWorld of fear
Pino mauroSi' na carogna
Rap UsOuterspaceHeaven
I monsterHeaven
Rap UsJedi mind tricksTarget practice
Los cristalesBuscare tu camino
Rap UsMonie loveWhat i'm supposed 2 b
James brownFunky president
Rap UsMonie loveDown to earth (funky edit version)
Rick jamesYou and i
Rap UsMonie loveI can do this
Bobby byrdHot pants... i'm coming, i'm coming, i'm coming
Rap UsMonie loveI can do this
WhispersAnd the beat goes on
Rap UsLarge proThe lp
Michal urbaniak's fusionKama (part 1)
Rap UsLarge proThe lp
Cannonball adderley - pisces from love sex and thePisces: allison's trip
Pop VarietBjörkIsobel (transfunk mix)
SupremesMy world is empty without you
Rap UsWu-tang clanBabies
Billy paulI'm just a prisoner
Rap UsScarfaceForgot about me
Billy paulI'm just a prisoner
Rap UsTroubleIntro
Billy paulI'm just a prisoner
Rap UsJay-zCan't get wit that
Ahmad jamalAngel eyes
Elec. Tech.John julius knightFind a friend
SylvesterOver and over
Rap UsDj paul niceDefinition of nice
Big daddy kane & biz markieJust rhymin' with biz
Rap UsO.c.Sugar
Jack bruceStatues
ReggaeCj lewisR to the a
WhispersAnd the beat goes on
Elec. Tech.ShitaoTime scarfaces
Jean négroni # dialogue #
Elec. Tech.ShitaoTime scarfaces
Gustavo santaolallaEl apartamento
RnB, SoulLee mosesThe dark end of the street
James carrThe dark end of the street
Rap UsFort minor and dj green lanternBloc party
Bloc partyBanquet
Pop VarietArt brutMy little brother
Bloc partyThe marshals are dead
Rap FrOrelsanPlus rien ne m'étonne
Bloc partyBanquet
Rap UsChiddy bang feat. mac millerHeatwave
Martha & the vandellas(love is like a) heat wave
Pop VarietDovesBlack and white town
Martha & the vandellasHeat wave
Pop VarietJens lekmanA sweet summer's night on hammer hill
Martha & the vandellas(love is like a) heat wave
Rap UsDeltron 3030Memory loss
Piero umilianiPiazza di siena
Elec. Tech.HerbaliserWho's the realest?
Jon gries (montoya), gregory hines (ray hugues) # dialogue #
Rap UsTimbo kingHigh ranking
Alec guiness (col. nicholson)Le pont de la rivière kwaï
Rap UsRakaaC.t.d.
Martha & the vandellas(love is like a) heat wave
Rap UsRakaaAmbassador slang
Public enemyBring the noise
Rap UsRakaaCrown of thorns
Rap UsGroup homeEast ny theory
Peter brownFor your love
Rap UsMellow man aceMentirosa
SantanaNo one to depend on
Rap UsMellow man aceHip hop creature
Tom sawyerRush
Rap UsMellow man aceMas pingon
FunkadelicGood old music
Pop VarietWillie boboThe look of love
Dusty springfieldThe loof of love
Rap UsPsycho realmFirst day of freedom
Willie boboThe look of love
Rap UsTimbo kingBook value
Michael jacksonMaria (you where the only one)

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