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'forget about the ghetto and rap for the pop charts !'

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Rap UsTlcThis is how it should be done
ImpressionsWe're a winner
Rap UsAli deeWho's da flava
ImpressionsWe're a winner
Rap UsThree times dopeNo words
ImpressionsWe're a winner
RnB, SoulCurtis mayfieldGypsy woman
ImpressionsGypsy woman
RnB, SoulPersuasionsGypsy woman
ImpressionsGypsy woman
Rap FrTrue grit & vinz vegaRequiem from the darkness
Véronique sansonLe maudit
Rap UsRick rossLive fast, die young
James brownFunky president
RnB, SoulLou johnsonGypsy woman
ImpressionsGypsy woman
Rap UsLex luthorzVen
Lou johnsonGypsy woman
Rap Fr5 majeurYoghourt
Bob jamesCaribbean nights
Rap UsSean priceKing kong
Marlena shawDon't ask to stay until tomorrow
Rap UsHassaan mackey & apollo brownTell me
Marlena shawWhere can i go
Rap UsHassaan mackey & apollo brownDifferent world
Ennio morriconeRodeo
Rap UsRoc cFly kicks
Smokey robinsonShoe soul
Rap UsRoc cRoses die
24 carat blackMother's day
Rap UsRoc cRoses die
Harlem underground bandAin't no sunshine
Rap UsRoyal flushWhat we do
The ponderosa twinsBound
Rap FrL'exécuteur de hong-kongRun away people
Dyke & the blazersRunaway people
Rap UsEvidence feat fashawnSame folks
Phillip mitchellThe same folks that put you there
Rap UsBig daddy kaneNuff respect
Original broadway castYou think i got rhythm?: my name is man
Rap UsJr writerPowerfullness intro
Kingdom comeToo late
Elec. Tech.Etienne de crécyRelax
Beyond paradiseGotta get in
RnB, SoulJohnny pateThe look of love
Dusty springfieldThe look of love
Rap UsRasheed chappellI know
Bill withersAin't no sunshine
Rap UsRasheed chappellI know
Galt macdermotCathedral
RnB, SoulBlowflyBaby let me do it to you
Tyrone davisCan i change my mind
Rap UsPiottaSupercafone 1996
Tyrone davisCan i change my mind
RnB, SoulEddie floydCan i change my mind
Tyrone davisCan i change my mind
Rap UsPeople under the stairsCan't hold it back
Art of noiseMoments in love
Rap UsPsycho realmOutro
Donald jenkins & the delightersMusic revolution
Rap UsKonfidentYa don't stop
Detroit emeraldsYou're getting a little too smart
Rap UsUrg-7Bust bakk
Joe texPapa was too
Rap UsBlack market militia ft dead prezThe hit
Alphonse mouzonBefore you leave
Rap UsPrince ikey cThe doobie
Honey drippersImpeach the president
Rap UsMain sourceWhat you need
DellsSegue 2: funky breeze/ghetto scene
Elec. Tech.Pretty lightsI can see it in your face
O.v. wrightI'll take care of you
Elec. Tech.Pretty lightsHigh school art class
Nina simoneWild is the wind
Elec. Tech.Pretty lightsHigh school art class
Karla bonoffSomeone to lay down beside me
Rap UsEazy e & too shortPlayers club
William bell & judy clayPrivate number
Elec. Tech.Pretty lightsFinally moving
Etta jamesSomething's got a hold on me

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