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'forget about the ghetto and rap for the pop charts !'

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Rap UsUgkWood wheel
Staple singersLove comes in all colors
Rap FrDaddy lord cSouffrir
Jeru the damajaCome clean
Rap UsElzhiDeep (sourface remix)
King floydDon't you leave me lonely
Rap UsAkinyeleCoochie
Gladys knight & the pipsPart time love
Rap UsLootpackWeededed (street level mix)
Mike mandelElephant & castle
Rap FrMc wackLa vie pue
Mike mandelElephant & castle
Pop VarietC2c feat. olivier daysoulWho are you
The new birthYou don't have to be alone
RnB, SoulMacy grayCreep
Rap FrYezi l'escrocJe suis...
Michael masserIt's my turn (instrumental version)
Rap UsCymarshall law & mr. joekerMy time
Diana rossIt's my turn
Pop VarietClaude françoisReste
Frankie valli & the four seasonsBeggin'
Rap FrStructureDans ma ville
RakimIt's been a long time
Rap UsApollo brown & guilty simpsonWrong hand
Dexter wanselWhat the world is coming to
Rap FrBaccarat & dj yepDernière sentinelle
Jefferson starshipThere will be love
Rap FrBaccaratParadis perdus
Grateful deadSunrise
Rap FrBaccarat & dj yepDeep inside ou la lettre à un ange
John et james bradley (george grizzard & thomas mc # dialogue #
Rap FrViiMa tristesse a trouvé son style
Wishbone ashSay goodbye
RnB, SoulLaura leeAt last
Glenn miller feat. ray eberleAt last
Rap FrGeorgioPluie d'été
Laura leeAt last
Rap UsSnoop lionLa la la
Ken bootheArtibella
RnB, SoulAlbert washington and the kingsThese arms of mine
Otis reddingThese arms of mine
RnB, SoulSam & daveThese arms of mine
Otis reddingThese arms of mine
RnB, SoulBettye swannThese arms of mine
Otis reddingThese arms of mine
RnB, SoulSolomon burkeThese arms of mine
Otis reddingThese arms of mine
Elec. Tech.GrammatikJest już późno, piszę...
Dee felice trioWichita lineman
Rap UsHouse of painJump around
Dee felice trioThere was a time
Rap UsGuilty simpson & apollo brownTruth be told
Willie hutchHospital prelude of love theme
Rap UsDef texBirdland
Dee felice trioThere was a time
Rap UsDoo wop & da bounce squadBounce rock skate roll
Dee felice trioThere was a time
Rap UsBig louJustice not found
Dee felice trioThere was a time
RnB, SoulDee felice trioThere was a time
James brown and the famous flamesThere was a time
Rap UsKev turnerSaturday night
DramaticsDramatic theme / treat me like a man
Pop VarietSteely danRikki don't loose that number
Horace silver quintetSong for my father
Rap UsPeople under the stairsThe joyride
The vigsSomebody loves me
Rap UsLords of the undergroundMadd skillz
Stanley turrentineSmile, stacey
Rap UsKevlaar 7Why
Lonnie mackWhy
Rap UsRasheed chappellBuilding 8
Lee dorseyGet out of my life, woman
Rap UsRasheed chappellBuilding 8
Renaldo dominoNevermore
Rap UsMidazScience eq
Renaldo dominoNevermore
Elec. Tech.TaebeastLove+
Melvin blissSynthetic substitution

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