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'forget about the ghetto and rap for the pop charts !'

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Rap UsSoulsticeEbony sea
Honey drippersImpeach the president
Rap UsSoulsticeBe perfect
DramaticsMusic is the people choice
Elec. Tech.AlimanFinal battle vip
John williamsThe throne room
Elec. Tech.AlimanJapan beat
Run-dmcHere we go (live at the funhouse)
Elec. Tech.AlimanGet mad now
Dr. dreStill dre
Rap UsKanye west feat. frank oceanNew slaves
OmegaGyöngyhajú lány
Elec. Tech.AlimanAll ganja man
Max romeo & upsettersI chase the devil
Elec. Tech.AlimanRagga balada
Lyn collinsThink (about it)
Elec. Tech.AlimanRagga balada
Don carlosJohnny big mouth
Rap FrCool connexionHommes de l'est
Da bush babeesRemember we
Rap UsMainoShine
Isaac hayesIke's mood i
Rap UsAction bronson & statik selektahLove letter
Tyrone ashley & the funky music machineLet me be your man
Pop VarietLinda ronstadtHeat wave
Martha & the vandellas(love is like a) heat wave
Rap UsSoulsticeSleepwalk
Quincy jonesSummer in the city
Rap UsSoulstice & sbeBeyond borders
CommonI used to love h.e.r.
Rap UsSoulstice & sbeI found it
T. lifeI found my way
Rap UsSoulsticeRecognize
Love unlimitedHigh steppin', hip dressin' fella (you got it toge
Rap UsTriple seis feat. a.g. & headcrackSome shit
Ronnie dysonYou set my spirits free
Rap UsBrother aliSelf taught
Ronnie dysonYou set my spirit free
Rap UsSoulstice & sbeBird's eyes view
Ronnie dysonYou set my spirits free
Rap UsSoulsticeBook of days
Friends of distinctionGoing in circles
Rap UsSoulsticeThe time
First choiceI love you more than before
RnB, SoulRedd holt unlimitedNothing from nothing leaves nothing
Billy prestonNothing from nothing leaves nothing
RnB, SoulBilly prestonMy sweet lord
George harrisonMy sweet lord
Rap FrSens unikWhat i've got
UniqueWhat i got is what you need
Rap FrSens unikSi tu aimes
Simon haseleyHammerhead
Rap FrSens unikMarche À suivre
Time zoneThe wildstyle
Rap FrSens unikLe 6e sens
Rap FrSens unikLe 6e sens
RimshotsNeighbor! get your own
Pop VarietGabor szaboThe look of love
Dusty springfieldThe look of love
Rap FrYoshi di originalDouce france
Five stairstepsDanger! she's a stranger
Elec. Tech.Othello & dj vajraWe're coming
Weather reportPalladium
Rap UsDrumz & lingoNever separate
Weather reportPalladium
Elec. Tech.PestBack to the future
Weather reportPalladium
Rap Interna.Kashal-teeI'm all this
Weather reportPalladium
Rap UsCelph titled & buckwildMad ammo
Weather reportPalladium
Rap UsShowbiz & a.g.Can't wake
Dionne warwickI'll never love this way again
ReggaeBitty mclean and the supersonicsWalk away from love
David ruffinWalk away from love
Rap UsIron lyonWalk away
Bitty mclean and the supersonicsWalk away from love
Rap UsPrince epCan i

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