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'forget about the ghetto and rap for the pop charts !'

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Rap FrBlack kentVie de prison
Mimi lorcaCalice
Pop VarietMercedes sosa & milton nascimentoVolver a los 17
Violeta parraVolver a los 17
Pop VarietThe 18th century corporationWalk on by
Dionne warwickWalk on by
Rap UsDeltron 3030Time keeps on slipping
The 18th century corporationWalk on by
Rap UsPumpkinheadJukebox
Ferrante & teicherThe best is yet to come
Rap UsJay-zReal niggaz
MetersHe bite me
Rap UsNasThe world is yours (cookin soul remix)
GqDon't stop this feeling
Elec. Tech.MobyMachete
Lyn collinsThink (about it)
Elec. Tech.MobyThe sky is broken
Creedence clearwater revivalLong as i can see the light
Rap UsRedlifeWho's talkin' weight
Art webbLove eyes
Pop VarietCarpentersA song for you
Leon russellA song for you
Rap UsCam'ron & vadoBe with me
Kenny dossAre you gonna be with me
RnB, SoulSweet inspirationsAm i ever gonna see my baby again
Aldora britonAm i ever gonna see my baby again
RnB, SoulSweet inspirationsThat's how strong my love is
O.v. wrightThat's how strong my love is
RnB, SoulSweet inspirationsTo love somebody
Bee geesTo love somebody
RnB, SoulSweet inspirationsWhat the world needs now is love
Jackie deshannonWhat the world needs now is love
Rap UsCappadonnaFamous aimers
Sweet inspirationsYou really didn't mean it
Rap FrDemi portionIls voudront savoir
Michel fugainSi tu vas là-bas
Rap FrDemi portionRien d'plus
Notorious b.i.g.Ready to die
Rap UsUgly ducklingDumb it down
HolliesYou know he did
Rap UsUgly ducklingDumb it down
HolliesWhatcha gonna do 'bout it
Rap UsStatik selektah & termanologyThug poets
Oliver sainSpace dance
RnB, SoulJohnnie taylorWatermelon man
Herbie hancockWatermelon man
Rap UsAgallah feat popoffSky high
Jay deeYou've changed
Rap UsMarvalyssSwallow my pride
Eleanore millsHow can i love you
Rap UsSupastitionWord has it
Melba mooreThe thrill is gone form yesterday's kiss
Rap UsSupastitionDa waiting period
Gil scott-heron & brian jacksonWe almost lost detroit”
Rap UsSupastitionRise
Detroit spinnersSince i been gone
Rap UsSupastitionA baby story
Donny hathawayI love you more than you'll ever know
Rap UsSupastitionA baby story
Lena horneWonder what i'm gonna do
RnB, SoulOtis reddingNothing can change this love
Sam cookeNothing can change this love
Rap Interna.ThomaxPlastic world remix (doujah raze)
Roger whittakerAll the way to richmond
Elec. Tech.BumcelloBeautiful you
Mieczysław foggTo ostatnia niedziela
RnB, SoulBobby bryant sextetSunny
Bobby hebbSunny
Pop VarietBobby bryantWhile my guitar gently weeps
BeatlesWhile my guitar gently weeps
Rap UsBluBlu
Jimmy briscoe & the little beaversSugar brown
RnB, SoulOtis reddingTennessee waltz
Pee wee king's golden west cowboysTennessee waltz
Rap Interna.ThomaxThey call it (atmosphere)
George bensonUnchained melody
RnB, SoulGeorge bensonUnchained melody
Alex north & todd duncanUnchained melody
Rap UsUgly ducklingA little samba
Jack costanzoBei mir bist du schoen

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